Dr. Subir Bandyopadhyay - MA, Ph. D. - Principal

Prof. Bandyopadhyay has 30 years teaching experience in various Academic Institutions at both Graduate and Post-Graduate levels. He is also author of several prestigous publications both at National & International levels. He has presented 12 papers in National Seminars and 7 Papers in International Seminar.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mukherjee - M. Sc., FIC, MBA, Ph. D. - Professor, Director of Studies

Prof. Mukherjee has 44 years total work experience including 27 years in Industry and 17 years in Management Institutions as Principal / Director. He has published and presented 44 papers in noted National & International Conferences and published one book of Management.

Dr. Lakshmikanta Datta - M.Sc., Ph. D in Statistics, CAIIB - Assistant Professor

Dr. Datta has 35 years of work experiance including 20 years in Research and 3 years in teaching experience. He was Assistant General Manager in a reputed Nationalised Bank. He published 11 papers including 1 paper in International Journal. He has presented 6 papers in National Conferences.

Mr. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya - MA in English, PGDBM (IISWBM) - Assistant Professor

Mr. Bhattacharya has 25 years experiance in Industry and 5 years as Assistant Professor. He has published 5 papers in National Journal.

Mrs. Manasi Manna - M. Com., M. Phil., MBA -  Assistant Professor

Mrs. Manna has 9 years work experience including 7 years in teaching and 2 years in Research. She has published 1 paper in National Journal.

Mr. Dilip Chowdhury - MA in Economics - Assistant Professor

Mr. Chaudhuri has 35 years work experience including 21 years of industry followed by 13 years of Teaching experience. He has a keen interest in Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods and Operations Research.

Mr. Santanu Mallik - MBA in Finance & Marketing - Assistant Professor

Mr. Mallik has 5 years experience in different Industrial Areas. He has presented papers in 'National Seminar on Changes and Challenges in Global Business Scenario' organised by 'Institute of Business Management' (IBM), Jadavpur University.

Mr. Nibir Khawash - MBA - Assistant Professor

Mr. Khawash has 10 years work experience including 6 years in teaching and 4 years in Research. He has published 7 paper in National Journal.

Mr. Avijeet Sahoo - MCA - Assistant Professor

Mr. Sahoo has 5 years teaching experience in dirfferent Institutes.

Visiting Professor


Dr. Sisir Kumar Bhattacharyya - M. Com., Ph. D.

Prof. Bhattacharyya has 50 years of teaching expeience with IFMR, IGNOU, former Principal of IIMS, contributed good number of papers to seminars/ conferences in India and abroad. Apart from guiding students for Ph. D./Projects, as an author be already has three publications on Accounting, Finance and Marketing to his credit, He is also the editor of IIMS Journal (Modern Management).

Mr. Ashok Banerjee - President, CMA; Ex-HOD, IISWBM; Ex-Chairman, Alumni Association, IIMC

Mr. A. K. Sinha - Ex Sr. V.P.(HR), Jayashree Textitles Limited

Mr. S K. Pain - LLB. DSW-Labour Welfare

Mr. Samya Roychoudhury, GM (IR & Personnel), Berger Paints India Ltd.

Mr. Arnab Kumar Basu, Head (HR & Personnel), Exide Ltd.

Mr. P. K. Basu, Regional Head, TIKIDAN

Dr. B. K. Bhadra, M. Sc (Gold Medalist), LLB, CAIIB, Ph. D.

Mr. Banerjee has 45 years experience in Industries and Management Institutes.                                                             

He has 45 years of experience in Industry and Management Industries

He has 15 years teaching experience in HR related subjects & 25 years in Industry

He has more than 25 years of Industry experience

                                                                                                                                                                              He has more than 10 years of Industry experience.



Dr. S.K. De - MA, LLB, Ph. D.

Prof. De has 40 years of teaching expeience in different Colleges & Universities as well as experience in Government Organization, Corporate and Industries. He was Former Director of MGI (I.S.B.M., Pune). He published books and number of papers in National Journals. He was associated with I.I.M., Kolkata for a long time in research training.