• Sick Industries” in collaboration with the Indian Society of Engineers” at Calcutta.
  • “Non-Formal Education and Management Education through correspondences” at Calcutta.
  • “Human Resources Management in Industry” at Delhi
  • “Human Resource Development” at Calcutta
  • “Training and Development” at Calcutta
  • “Role of Human Relations and Industrial Growth” at Calcutta
  • “Managerial Excellence” at Bhubaneswar
  • “Productivity in Industry” at Calcutta
  • “Quality Circles in collaboration with the Quality Circle Forum of India” at Calcutta
  • “Human Resource Development” at Calcutta
  • “Management of Change” at New Delhi
  • “Management of Change” at Bombay
  • “Modernization and Diversification of Engineering Industries” at Calcutta
  • “Challenges Before Indian Managers” at Calcutta
  • “Total Quality Management” at Calcutta
  • “Maintenance Management (jointly with the Association of Engineers )” at Calcutta
  • “Teleconference (through Satellite ) on Vivek Management-Indian Ethos & Management (Jointly with Advanced Management Education Society” New Delhi) among 25 receiving Centres all over India
  •  “Challenge of Industrial Relation in West Bengal held” at Calcutta
  • “Quality HR as Prerequisite to Face Business Challenge in India” held at Calcutta
  • “Contribution of Financial Sectors towards Employment Generation” held at Calcutta
  • “Industry Requirement for MBA pass –outs” held at Calcutta
  • “Future Challenge of Management Students” held at Calcutta
  • “Contribution of FMCG Sectors to Sustainable Economy” held at Calcutta
  • “Impact of Insurance Sectors towards Indian Economy” held at Calcutta
  •  “Disaster Management: A Challenge in India” held at Calcutta.
  •  “Opportunities of Global Education for Asian Students” held at Calcutta.
  • "Training: A prerequisite for skill development in small and micro projects" held at Calcutta.



1st IIMS International Conference on "Development Management for Sustainable Globe"- Bangkok, Thailand (24th - 27th February 2011)

2nd IIMS International Conference on "Human Capital : Perspectives in Developments"  -Penang, Malaysia (9th - 12th November 2011)

3rd IIMS International Conference on "Contemporary Issues in Managing Development" - Bali, Indonesia (19th - 21st November 2012)

4th IIMS International Conference on "Development Management in 21st Century" - Cavite, Philippines  (28th November - 2nd December 2013)

5th IIMS International Conference on "Managing Development in Emerging Economy" - Xuzhou, China (1st - 3rd December 2015)

6th IIMS International Conference on "Global Dynamics in the Modern Era"- University of Fujairah, UAE (4th  - 7th December 2016)

7th IIMS International Conference on "Management, Technology & Employment in Changing Economy"- Shih Chien University, Taiwan (24th  - 27th November 2017)

8th IIMS International Conference on "The 4th Industrial Revolution - Opportunities and Challenges"- Bangkok,Thiland (26th  - 29th November 2018)


Following Workshops were organized funded by Govt. of India :

  • Workshop on General Entrepreneurship Programme organized by Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) , Govt. of India held at Kolkata for one month.
  • Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Awareness in Collaboration with Enterprise Development Institute, Bengal National Chambers of Commerce & Industry under the aegis of Dept. of Science of Technology, Govt. of India - 3 days .
  • Workshop on Business skill development programme jointly with MSME, Govt. of India held at Kolkata for 22 days.
  • Workshop on creation of awareness in protection and enforcement of rights on intellectual property works among MSME entrepreneurs, Industry associations and professionals – 2 days.